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Our Vision

We emphasize the needs and requirements of our customers. No business is too small, and yet no business is too big. Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL) prides itself in providing a personalized service.
It is also our strong belief to have mutually beneficial long-term relationships with reputable shipowners to enhance our customers' competitiveness.
With vision and proven track record, we offer a comprehensive and flexible range of shipping services to the trade.
Myanma Five Star Line
132-136, Theinbyu Road, P.O. Box 1221, Yangon, Myanmar.
Tel: ( 951 ) 295 279, 295 280, 295 281
Fax: ( 951 ) 297 669, 295 174
E-mail: mfslhq@mptmail.net.mm
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