Thaketa Wharf

To ensure smooth passage of passengers and cargoes, MFSL upgraded the existing facilities by inaugurating a new wharf and passenger terminal of international standard in 1997. This new wharf is 220 metres long and has a width of 19.5 metres. The depth alongside is 5.75 metres where two vessels of LOA 100 metres each can safely berth.

The wharf is fully operated by Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL) professionals where throughput is always fruitful and fast. The turnaround and quick dispatch of ships are always at a premium no matter the weather.

A sizeable transit shed of 172,000 square feet is also made available for both incoming and outgoing cargoes.

The transit shed is sufficiently ventilated and dry throughout.


This Thaketa Wharf fully complies with International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS) and SOLAS Amendments 2002 (2003 Additions) as laid down by International Maritime Organization (IMO).
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