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With the ever changing demands of the trade requirements, Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL) has embarked on a new path to containerization. In January 1994, MFSL commenced a dedicated container feeder service from Yangon to Singapore and vice versa. According to trade requirements, Myanma Five Star Line has expanded its Container Feeder Service to Malaysia since 2006.

Today, Myanma Five Star Line (MFSL) is doing the trade in service route of YGN/PKL/SIN/YGN with a vessel sailing twice a month.

Through connection carrier agreements with numerous Main Line Operators (MLOS), the national flag carrier has established itself as a truly international shipping organization that reaches to all major markets globally. Moreover, amongst competitors in the service route, MFSL is pure SOC player so that MFSL has had mutual relationship with both MLOs and NVOCCs in order to provide the reliable service to them.
Container Feeder Service

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